Download game or application Lucky Jet

Getting pleasure from playing Lucky Jet is not difficult. It is available on phones running Android, iOS, and computers running Windows and MacOS operating systems.
This game is inherently a browser game, so it is simply impossible to find it on the marketplace. The policy of the AppStore and PlayMarket simply does not allow it to be placed in their catalogs. But there is an advantage to this - apart from a modern browser, we don’t need anything, just follow the link and start the game!

Installing the game Lucky Jet: To enjoy the game and fully immerse yourself in the sensations is only possible if there is a prospect of a big win. And with Lucky Jet it's real! In addition, if you use proven strategies. Lucky Jet will instantly multiply your bet by several times.

The instructions below will help you keep Lucky Jet at your fingertips.

Play Lucky Jet

Installing the game Lucky Jet on Android

To access the game on your Android smartphone or tablet, you just need to install the 1win app. After that, you will have an application shortcut, by clicking on which you can enjoy Lucky Jet. To install, you need to go to the site and choose one of two methods:

• Go to the Information section;
• Select "Android Application" and upload the file;
• Run the .apk file that installs the application;
• The 1win icon will be displayed in the application list.

Lucky Jet android

Installing the game Lucky Jet on IOS

Installing the game on an iPhone or iPad is slightly different. To quickly access the game on iPhone, all you need to do is create a bookmark in Safari and send it to the home screen. This is done in this way:
• Launch the Safari browser;
• Go to the 1win website;
• Press "Submit" and select "Home Screen";
• The 1win icon will become available on the phone's home screen.

PC version of Lucky Jet
Browser versions of the game exist for both Windows and MacOS. Lucky Jet is available in the 1win games catalog at any time. For convenience, bookmark the site. This will allow you to access your favorite game quickly and easily at any time!

Computer or smartphone?
The choice of device for the game is a matter of taste. It is only important to have a fast, stable internet connection. There are no differences between the computer and mobile versions of the game. All of them are designed to make any player feel as comfortable as possible. To understand what suits you best, we recommend trying both options.

Installing Lucky Jet in the Chrome browser menu:
• Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser;
• Find the item "Install application" and click on it;
• In the pop-up window, select "Install";
• The 1win icon will appear in the application list.

Play Lucky Jet