Lucky Jet strategies and tactics

Not all players know how to win big at Lucky Jet . Therefore, they rely on their own intuition, relying on luck. To increase those chances and succeed in this unique game, we have prepared a secret list of strategies that increase earnings.

Lucky Jet is a strategy game that allows you to get a stable income, and our recommendations will help you to make the game win-win!

In case of long losses, do not spend more than 1 hour per day in the game. This is due to the fact that the connection with reality is lost, attention is dulled, and the excitement only increases. The result will be a game balance drain.
In order not to lose the entire deposit, use no more than 10% of the funds. None of Lucky Jet's tactics or strategies require large bets.
Before starting the game, decide on a goal, for example, to earn $100.

Once you reach it, stop playing.
All strategies are only advisory in nature, based on the experience of successful players who cannot be considered 100% successful.
In order to receive a stable income, it is important to approach the game with a cold calculation and all responsibility.

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Winning Lucky Jet Strategies

At first glance, the game's interface may seem quite simple. But this is not entirely true - it contains a very wide range of tools that help analyze the course of the game, creating your own strategy for success. The upper part contains information about the winning odds of the previous rounds. A separate tab contains a rating with the most successful players over the past day, month, year.

This data can serve as the basis for building your own strategies, showing which bet size is preferable and which odds are more win-win.

Lucky Jet 1win how to win

Minimum odds strategy x1.1

This is the easiest and safest strategy in Lucky Jet games. It consists in playing with a minimum coefficient. With its help, you can most likely win significant amounts in several rounds.

Its essence is to make the withdrawal of the bet in auto mode, reaching the coefficient x1.1. Of course, it is impossible to expect big wins with it, however, with each round, the bet will increase by 10%. As a result, after 10 rounds your bet will be doubled. The limitation is connected only with the fact that in several rounds the bet can burn out. It is only important not to catch the x1 coefficient, which appears approximately every half an hour - an hour on purpose, knocking out the most cautious players.

To prevent this from happening, you need to wait for several rounds with coefficients x1.03, x1.09, then wait 3-4 rounds and then start playing. You should not make more than 2-3 bets in a row. For example, let's consider this option - our deposit is 25,000 rubles. By betting 10% of it, every day you can win 1750 rubles. Thus, in a month we will be able to earn 50,000 rubles.

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Lucky Jet 1win strategy

game fork

The rules of the Lucky Jet game allow you to make 2 bets at the same time in each round. This means that the player has 2 times more chances to win. This strategy is just that. Its essence is that we beat off the sum of both of them, allowing us not to go into the red.

More attention is required to use this strategy. You need to wait for the moment when the rounds with the highest odds will go in the game. That's when we start making 2 bets. The first one is set in auto mode with a factor of x2.0, while the second one is closed by ourselves, having reached a factor of x4-x5. In case of failure, when Lucky Joe flies away, a bet made in auto mode will be able to cover the second losing one.

Another example of a successful strategy. It is based on 2 different rates. You can use it in situations where bets with x5-x10 odds do not drop out for a long time. Its essence lies in the withdrawal of a larger bet at a low coefficient, trying to catch the jackpot with a lower one. For example, let's take bets of 100 and 300 rubles, in which the second one will be a safety bet. The probability of her winning will be 85%, with a coefficient of 1.4. It turns out that by placing a bet of 300 rubles in automatic mode, earnings will be 420 rubles. Thus, even if we lose, we remain in the black.

Lucky Jet 1win tactics

Strategy "3 to 1"

This strategy is suitable for players with a small game balance. Based on the statistics, she will play with a small number of players. Its essence is to increase the rate each time, lowering the coefficient in auto mode. For example, we start with a bet of 200 rubles and a coefficient of x2.0. With each win, we will be able to increase it by lowering the coefficient, that is, already 400 rubles and x1.8.

If you lose the first bet, you can bet again, but already making 2 bets of 200 rubles each with x2.0 odds. By winning, we can recapture past losses.

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Lucky Jet 1win winning strategies

Strategy "Ladder down"

This strategy is based on a game tested by experienced players in a calm mode. In 7 out of 10 cases, players who play without haste and serious calculations win. This strategy is suitable not only for Lucky Jet, but also in bookmakers. It consists in calculating the time and waiting for the right moment to bet, for example, with the highest odds.

For example, let's look at the following case: we place a bet and wait for the coefficient to appear at least x1.09. After that, we make 3-4 bets. In a situation where three x1.09 odds appear in a row, we skip the next bet. When x1.11 is reached, we try another move.

In the case when the coefficient less than x1.09 is not shown on the screen, and the 4th bet exceeds x1.1, use this tactic, which will most likely bring a positive result.

Strategy Lucky Jet "Bet x100+"

This strategy appeared not so long ago, but has already proved its worth and gave a positive result. To use it, go to the tab that reflects the history of coefficients and find indicators x100 or more.

After their appearance, it is necessary to count exactly 1 hour, after which you can start the game. We close the first bet after reaching x35-40 and x100. In the first case, we will be able to keep the game balance at the same level, and earn by the bet multiplied by 100.


Healthy game rules
For most gambling games, there are a number of simple, universal rules, following which you will not lose everything entirely. They are quite simple, but at the same time effective. Before starting the game, check them out:

Stop in time and don't play
One of the most important and important rules of a successful player is to play with a cool head. The calculation of all the games presented in the online casino is aimed at the fact that the player, having entered the excitement, will lose his vigilance and begin to make rash decisions. Even experienced players cannot always keep their attention under tight control for more than 1 hour. Therefore, you should never play. Understand that the game is for real money and be aware of every step without succumbing to emotions. Think of a game plan and stick to it as closely as possible.

Better play a little but often
This is another rule of a successful game. Under no circumstances bet more than 10% of your deposit. Small but frequent wins can provide a steady increase in income. Greedy and chasing a big jackpot, you can lose solidly. This is one of the most common reasons for losing. Excitement is good, but only in moderation.

Follow your goals
Starting the game, set specific goals in the form of amounts, reaching which, stop the game. You should not be led by your emotions. Cold calculation and a measured approach is the best strategy for making money in online casinos.

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